Holiday in Salla

In Sallatunturi you’ll experience the real Lapland and the awe-inspiring silence of the wilderness. Here you won’t be spending your holiday sitting in a car, queuing for the ski lift or waiting for a table in the restaurant.

At Sallatunturin Tuvat, all the important services are within walking distance. We are less than 500 meters away from ski lifts, cross-country tracks, hiking routes, indoor sport center or the mini market. No wonder Salla was voted Finnish ski resort of the year in 2009. Family-friendly prices and helpful service are also an important feature of our business.

See all four seasons

Here on the northern side of the Arctic Circle we have four very distinct seasons. Summer is the time of the midnight sun and relaxed holidays in the great outdoors. Autumn sees the foliage breaks out into a gorgeous, multi-hued display of colour, while winter brings the magic of snow and northern lights. Spring is also very special as the sun comes back and the snow sparkles crystalline on the slopes. Then nature suddenly bursts into life once more and another intensive Finnish summer begins...

Ah, wilderness!

The Tuntsa wilderness, the UKK hiking trail, the unique landscape in Naruska and Oulanka National Park offer unforgettable experiences for those have responded to the call of the wild. In Salla it is easy to explore the unspoiled wilderness.

On guided paddling trips you’ll enter the magical world of silence of the untamed waters of Lapland. There are also trips on which you can learn how to build a place to sleep from scratch. Programmes and packages can be tailored as desired.